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Powering Progress, Fueling the Future

Welcome to Aprisco Group, your trusted partner in Spain's renewable energy landscape. At Aprisco, we are driven by a profound commitment to a sustainable future, harnessing the power of renewable resources to reshape the way energy is produced, consumed, and shared.

Our Journey:
Established in 2018, Aprisco Group has emerged as a prominent player in Spain's renewable energy sector. Our journey began with a vision: to accelerate the transition to clean, sustainable energy solutions, both locally and globally.

Our Mission:
Our mission is crystal clear-to champion renewable energy in Spain and lead the way toward a more sustainable, greener world. We believe that through innovation, dedication, and collaboration, we can create a cleaner and brighter future for all. Aprisco Group is a hotbed of innovation. We consistently explore groundbreaking technologies and creative solutions to make renewable energy accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.


Meet our Team

Empowering the Future, One Watt at a Time


Daniel Alvarez



Ruben Alvarez



Xavier Brullet

Head of Administrative

Pablo Barreneche

Legal Director


Lawyer with over 10 years of experience in Commercial Law and Criminal Law, whose duties beyond directing and supervising the Legal Department of the company include advising it in all its legal activities, as well as ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, without prejudice to the corporate instruments in place for this purpose.


Lander Zubia

Head of Development

Expert on Renewable Business and International Trading: over 15 years experience in the Renewable Industry: Project Development (permiting) in Spain, Italy and Portugal; Module manufacturing & logistic; EPC and Self Consumption for industry projects and O&M.


Carlos Castañosa

M&A Manager

Expert in company valuation, M&A operations, partner search, and design, structuring, and implementation of financial operations for project development in various sectors: Environment, Infrastructure, Internationalization, Waste Treatment, Chemical Industry, Paper Mills, Automotive.

For the past two years, his activity has been focused on the elaboration, structuring, and implementation of financial models for the development of renewable energy plants, especially photovoltaic and biogas plants.


Mikal Velasco

Marketing and Data Analyst

Over 2 years using statistical analysis, data visualisation, and predictive modeling, within the renewable energy sector and academic realm. Transform complex datasets, into insights, and channel them through dynamic dashboards for the optimisation.



Keren Nieto


Gabriel Candela

Ingineering Director

Since 2006 I have been working in the exciting world of energy as an engineer, consultant and PM, in various areas: energy efficiency, industrial facilities projects, renewable energy, etc. Taking advantage of my previous experience in industrial automation, I enjoy participating in the design and simulation of advanced controls like PPCs, BESS, or embedded systems.

Untitled design (2).jpg

Iñaki Lasaga

Real State

10 years of experience in installation, implementation, and control in the management of communications and encryption coding, covering areas such as: Transmission media, Modulation and coding, Information framing, and Error control codes.

20 years of experience focused on specialized intermediary activities, including: Crisis cabinet management, Team management, A/ External-facing, B/ Internal-facing, Internal security management and creation of isolated work areas, specializing in threat isolation tasks.


Daniel Perez

Real State

CEO in various companies in the Real Estate and Urban Development sector, developing partial plans and promoting residential developments. Coordinating role, managing administrative areas (legal, economic, commercial, relations with administrations and public bodies). Specialized in renewable energy management (photovoltaic and wind), international trade, and diverse commodity management at the international level. Legal advisor and collaborator with national entities in the real estate sector, housing cooperatives in real estate investment fund management CNMV, Crowdfunding, etc.

"The effort of an inventor consists, essentially, in saving lives.”
― Nikola Tesla


Plaça Francesc Macià 

7 bis, planta 6A,

08029 Barcelona

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