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APRISCO GROUP is involved in following business with the key investors and shareholders: 


>250 MW developed in 2016

250 MW in 2022

90 MW in 2023


Portfolio: 340 MW partners and developers


Aprisco Energy, we are experts in developing medium-sized photovoltaic projects.





Portfolio: 700 MW


Aprisco Energy, we are experts in developing Utility Scale PV projects


large-scale energy storage projects.


Extensive Experience in Urban Planning and Real Estate Industry:

APRISCO REAL STATE has a solid track record of experience in the field of urban planning and the real estate industry.


Focus on Land Development:

APRISCO REAL STATE primarily focuses its activities on land development, addressing critical aspects of this process.


Key Skills:

APRISCO REAL STATE excels in identifying suitable sites, conducting rigorous assessments, skillful negotiation, implementing comprehensive signage, and efficient urban management.


Property Acquisition:

Has the ability to acquire properties effectively and seamlessly, considering the needs of demanding clientele.


Consortium of Prominent Partners:

Posses a consortium of partners that includes a prominent group of architects, engineers, and urban planners, each with decades of experience in the real estate sector.


Specialized Services for Data Centers:

APRISCO DIGITAL CENTERS specializes in providing services to the Data Centers sector, leveraging synergies with other companies within the group.


Coordination with Key Partners for Understanding Regulation and Subsidies:

Experience in coordinating with key partners to understand market regulations and subsidies in Spain.


Strong Relationship with Financial Banks:

APRISCO DIGITAL CENTERS maintains a strong relationship with banks capable of financing projects, facilitating the necessary financial support.


Close Partnership with Relevant Actors and Experienced Developers:

APRISCO DIGITAL CENTERS establishes close partnerships with relevant actors in the sector and developers with extensive experience in the market, thus strengthening its network of collaborators.


Extensive Experience in International Business Development:

The group has years of experience in industrial companies developing businesses in different countries, demonstrating a consolidated capacity to operate in international environments.



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Organic Waste and Excrement Treatment:

Promotes solutions that contribute to the global energy transition towards a net zero future. Is a non-traditional enviornmental organization.


+8.3 MILLION HECTARES of forest under care of Bluegrace Energy Bolivia


Protects the greatest amount of forest and their biodiversity. Working on reforestation projects reducing the effectts of global warming.

SUPPORTS BOLIVIAN INDIGENEOUS communities that have no voice on the radar.

NET ZERO transition towards the future.

Aprisco Group has joined forces with Bluegrace Energy Bolivia SRL and Maximance 2030 LTD. This is a groundbreaking initiative is poised to significantly contribute to sustainable development goals set for 2030.

This partnership focuses on the issuance of voluntary carbon credits, which are crucial for CO2 capture and the fight against climate change effects.

This initiatives include:

1. Prioritizing investment in electricity generation.

2. Simulating the growth of the renewable energy sector and the broader productive sector.

3. Enhancing energy efficiency.

4. Proving financial assistance for the restoration and recovery of ecosystems and natural biomas. This recognizes the vital role of the protected forest areas, such as "Gran Chaco" in CO2 capture and climate change mitigation. 


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