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Welcome to Aprisco Group, your trusted partner in Spain's renewable energy landscape. At Aprisco, we are driven by a profound commitment to a sustainable future, harnessing the power of renewable resources to reshape the way energy is produced, consumed, and shared.

Our Journey:
Established in 2018, Aprisco Group has emerged as a prominent player in Spain's renewable energy sector. Our journey began with a vision: to accelerate the transition to clean, sustainable energy solutions, both locally and globally.

Our Mission:
Our mission is crystal clear-to champion renewable energy in Spain and lead the way toward a more sustainable, greener world. We believe that through innovation, dedication, and collaboration, we can create a cleaner and brighter future for all. Aprisco Group is a hotbed of innovation. We consistently explore groundbreaking technologies and creative solutions to make renewable energy accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.


Meet our Team

Empowering the Future, One Watt at a Time

"The effort of an inventor consists, essentially, in saving lives.”
― Nikola Tesla
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"Advancements and challenges in the production and utilization of biomethane"

  1. Biogas represents the current paradigm of renewable gases: Biogas, derived from organic matter such as agricultural waste, sewage, or landfill gas, stands at the forefront of renewable energy solutions. Its production and utilization exemplify a sustainable approach to energy generation, offering a versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

  2. The circular economy is materialized in practice: from waste to energy: Embracing the principles of the circular economy, biogas production exemplifies a holistic approach to resource management. By repurposing organic waste materials that would otherwise contribute to environmental pollution, biogas plants convert these substrates into valuable energy sources, effectively closing the loop on waste disposal while simultaneously generating renewable energy.

  3. We contribute to the decarbonization of Europe's most extensive energy infrastructure: As a key player in the renewable energy sector, our efforts are instrumental in driving forward the transition to a low-carbon future. By integrating biogas into Europe's energy mix, we actively participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the environmental impacts associated with traditional fossil fuel consumption. 

  4. It is essential to have a clear policy from Enagás and the Spanish government, encompassing carbon credits, origin guarantees, sustainability certificates, and transparent and progressive legislation: To realize the full potential of biogas as a renewable energy source, it is imperative to establish a robust regulatory framework that fosters its development and uptake. Collaboration between stakeholders, including Enagás, the Spanish government, and industry players, is paramount in formulating comprehensive policies that incentivize investment in biogas infrastructure, ensure the integrity of sustainability practices, and promote transparency and accountability across the value chain. 


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